How to register a Limited Liability Company in Qatar

How to register a Limited Liability Company in Qatar?

Qatar is a country in the Peninsula Arabia region. Known for its lavish lifestyle and technologically advanced cities, Qatar can be the perfect place for you to begin your business. Moreover, with its vast community of expatriate workers and diverse population, you will never have to fear being out of place in Qatar. Furthermore, as a globally recognized business hub, Qatar is the perfect place for you to learn in order to grow and develop your business. Qatar also ranks very high on the global scale in terms of human development and economic growth. So, it’s time for you to take advantage of all the options before you and begin your incorporation journey in Qatar.

Other good reasons to set up your business in Qatar is the tax-free policy the government practices for corporations as well as the fact that you can own up to 49% of your company in Qatar.

We understand your excitement towards beginning your incorporation journey. However, before you begin, it is always a good idea to observe market trends in the economy. From this you will be able to discern what current business types are trending. As in, what businesses are in demand, what businesses are oversaturated, what businesses are lacking in the market.  So on and so forth.

Another essential point to think about is what type of company structure you intend to take. In this article we will be focusing on how to start a Limited Liability Company in Qatar.

When you want to begin your company registration process in Qatar, do contact us first. Here at S&F Consulting, we are a business consultancy group who are officially registered in Qatar. As such, we are professionally qualified to assist you with any of the proceedings regarding your company formation.

Before starting your company, it is to be noted, as a foreign national, you may only own 49% of company shares. The remaining 51% has to be owned by either one or more Qatari nationals.

Currently all business and company registrations are handled through the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC).

Step 1 –  Commercial Residence

This is a document that states that your company is a legal entity. This is issued by the MEC. In order to file for this application, you must first make sure to follow these steps:

Company Trade Name

The first step to incorporation is to decide on your company name. Do note that you have to adhere to the following regulations regarding the name.

  • The name must be unique, i.e. it should have no similarities to the names of pre-existing companies.
  • The name should not have anything considered inappropriate or offensive in Qatar.

Submitting your Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation are a document containing the following details as well as the codes of conduct of the company:

  • Shareholder details
  • Ownership percentage of shareholders
  • Rights of shareholders

Business activities

Next you will have to draft a document that lists your business activities and company objectives.

If your application is successful, you will obtain your CR within a few days.

Step 2- Company bank account

Next, you must open a bank account under your company name. You will first need to file for permission do so from MEC.

Step 3- Submit your articles of Association

Next you will need to draw up your document for the Articles of Association and submit them to the Ministry of Business and trade. This document will have to list the following:

  • The address of the official company headquarters
  • Objective of the company
  • Shareholder details
  • Share capital
  • Owner details
  • Information of shares

Step 4- Company seal

You will need to have your official company seal. This is as per government regulation.

Step 6- Trade License

Finally you will have to apply for your trade license. You will need to submit the following to do so:

  • Your CR certificate
  • Copies of the Identity cards of all owners, partners, shareholders, and managers
  • A copy of the Articles of Incorporation
  • The address and picture proof of your office building
  • Identity card copy of the building owner
  • Building completion certificate
  • You will also need to pass inspection of the actual building by the MEC

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any application fees involved?

You are required to pay QR 30000 as an application fee.

Why should I choose S & F Consultancy?

S & F Consulting is a business consultancy group. If you’re a foreign national looking to establish your company in the country of your choice, we are here to help you. With over 7 years of successful business registrations, our priority is your happiness. So, with whatever need you may have, do consider coming to us.

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